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Allen-Bradley 1771-OB OUTPUT MODULE 8POINT

Allen-Bradley 1771-OB OUTPUT MODULE 8POINT

    • Allen-Bradley 1771-OB OUTPUT MODULE 8POINT
    • Allen-Bradley 1771-OB OUTPUT MODULE 8POINT
  • Allen-Bradley 1771-OB OUTPUT MODULE 8POINT

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: USA
    Brand Name: Allen Bradley
    Model Number: 1771-OB

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Packaging Details: Factory Seal
    Delivery Time: 0-3 days
    Payment Terms: T/T, PayPal, Western Union
    Supply Ability: 1000 pcs/day
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    Detailed Product Description

    Product Description


    Product Specification/Models

    Other Information

    1771-OB 1771OB
    1771-OBD 1771OBD
    1771-OBDK 1771OBDK
    1771-OBN 1771OBN
    1771-OD 1771OD
    1771-OD16 1771OD16
    1771-OD16K 1771OD16K
    1771-ODD 1771ODD
    1771-ODZ 1771ODZ
    1771-OFE1 1771OFE1
    1771-OFE1K 1771OFE1K
    1771-OFE2 1771OFE2
    1771-OFE2K 1771OFE2K
    1771-OFE3 1771OFE3
    1771-OG 1771OG
    1771-OGD 1771OGD
    1771-OJ 1771OJ
    1771-OM 1771OM
    1771-OP 1771OP
    1771-OQ16 1771OQ16
    1771-OQ16K 1771OQ16K
    1771-OR 1771OR
    1771-OVN 1771OVN
    1771-OW 1771OW
    1771-OW16 1771OW16
    1771-OW16K 1771OW16K
    1771-OWNA 1771OWNA
    1771-OYL 1771OYL
    1771-OZL 1771OZL
    1771-P10 1771P10
    1771-P2 1771P2
    1771-P4R 1771P4R
    1771-P4RK 1771P4RK
    1771-P4S 1771P4S
    1771-P4S1 1771P4S1
    1771-P4SK 1771P4SK
    1771-P5 1771P5
    1771-P5E 1771P5E
    1771-P5EK 1771P5EK
    1771-P5K 1771P5K
    1771-P6R 1771P6R
    1771-P6S 1771P6S
    1771-P6S1 1771P6S1
    1771-P7 1771P7
    1771-P7K 1771P7K
    1771-PA 1771PA
    1771-PCB 1771PCB
    1771-PM 1771PM
    1771-PS7 1771PS7
    1771-PSC 1771PSC
    1771-PSCC 1771PSCC
    1771-QDC 1771QDC
    1771-QH 1771QH
    1771-QI 1771QI
    1771-RK 1771RK
    1771-RT41 1771RT41
    1771-RT44 1771RT44
    1771-RTP1 1771RTP1
    1771-RTP3 1771RTP3
    1771-RTP4 1771RTP4
    1771-SDN 1771SDN
    1771-SIM 1771SIM
    1771-TCM 1771TCM
    1771-TCMR 1771TCMR
    1771-VHSC 1771VHSC
    1771-VHSCK 1771VHSCK
    1771-WA 1771WA
    1771-WB 1771WB
    1771-WC 1771WC
    1771-WD 1771WD
    1771-WF 1771WF
    1771-WG 1771WG
    1771-WH 1771WH
    1771-WHF 1771WHF
    1771-WHFB 1771WHFB
    1771-WI 1771WI
    1771-WN 1771WN
    1771-WX 1771WX
    1771-XB 1771XB
    1771-XCONN1 1771XCONN1
    1771-XCONN2 1771XCONN2
    1771-XCOVCS1 1771XCOVCS1
    1771-XCOVSS1 1771XCOVSS1
    1771-XCOVSS2 1771XCOVSS2
    1771-XEXTR2 1771XEXTR2
    1771-XFMR1 1771XFMR1
    1771-XFMR2 1771XFMR2
    1771-XTAL1 1771XTAL1
    1772-LG 1772LG
    1772-LN3 1772LN3
    1772-ME8 1772ME8
    1774-XD 1774XD
    1774-XE 1774XE
    1775-A2 1775A2
    1775-AD1 1775AD1
    1775-AD2 1775AD2
    1775-BH 1775BH
    1775-CAR 1775CAR
    1775-CBA 1775CBA
    1775-CBB 1775CBB
    1775-CDC 1775CDC
    1775-CZ 1775CZ
    1775-GA 1775GA
    1775-KA 1775KA
    1775-L4 1775L4
    1775-LX 1775LX
    1775-MEA 1775MEA
    1775-MED 1775MED
    1775-MEF 1775MEF
    1775-MSA 1775MSA
    1775-S4A 1775S4A
    1775-S4B 1775S4B
    1775-S5 1775S5
    1775-SR 1775SR
    1775-WA 1775WA
    1775-XA 1775XA
    1775-XB 1775XB
    1783-BMS06SA 1783BMS06SA
    1783-BMS06SGA 1783BMS06SGA
    1783-BMS06SGL 1783BMS06SGL
    1783-BMS06SL 1783BMS06SL
    1783-BMS06TA 1783BMS06TA
    1783-BMS06TGA 1783BMS06TGA
    1783-BMS06TGL 1783BMS06TGL
    1783-BMS06TL 1783BMS06TL
    1783-BMS10CA 1783BMS10CA
    1783-BMS10CGA 1783BMS10CGA
    1783-BMS10CGL 1783BMS10CGL
    1783-BMS10CGP 1783BMS10CGP
    1783-BMS10CL 1783BMS10CL
    1783-BMS20CA 1783BMS20CA
    1783-BMS20CGL 1783BMS20CGL
    1783-BMS20CGP 1783BMS20CGP
    1783-BMS20CGPK 1783BMS20CGPK
    1783-BMS20CL 1783BMS20CL
    1783-EMS04T 1783EMS04T
    1783-EMS08T 1783EMS08T
    1783-ETAP 1783ETAP
    1783-ETAP1F 1783ETAP1F
    1783-ETAP2F 1783ETAP2F
    1783-MCF 1783MCF
    1783-MS06T 1783MS06T
    1783-MS10T 1783MS10T
    1783-MX08F 1783MX08F
    We could SUPPLY FULL RANGE of Allen-Bradley.
    PLC: MicroLogix, ControlLogix,CompactLogix,ProcessLogix,GuardLogix,SLC500,GuardPLC,Flex I/O, PLC-5
    I/O:  MicroLogix I/O,ControlLogix I/O,Compact I/O,SLC I/O,Point I/O,ArmorPOINT I/O,ArmorBlock MaXum I/O,
    HMI: PanelViem Standard, PanelView Plus, VersaView,
    Inverter: PowerFlex 4 Series, PowerFlex 7 Series, 1336/1305 Series, PowerFlex DC.
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