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IC693ALG221 GE Input Module

IC693ALG221 GE Input Module

    • IC693ALG221 GE Input Module
    • IC693ALG221 GE Input Module
  • IC693ALG221 GE Input Module

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    Place of Origin: USA
    Brand Name: GE

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    Detailed Product Description
    Model Number: IC693ALG221 Description: Analog Input, Current, 4 Channels

    GE IC693ALG221
    Analog Input, Current, 4 Channels
    We could SUPPLY:
    ---GE PAC Systems RX7i PLC,
    ---GE PAC Systems RX3i PLC,
    ---GE 90-30 series PLC,
    ---GE 90-70 series PLC, 
    ---VersaMax Micro Nano,
    ---GE VersaMax, 
    ---GE Durus,
    ---GE Genius I/O,
    ---GE VersaPoint,
    ---GE QuickPanel View,
    ---GE QuickPanel Control,
    ---GE QuickPanel,
    ---GE Intelligence Industrial PCs,
    ---GE DataPanels,
    ---GE PAC Systems RSTi,
    ---GE CPE305, CPE310,
    ---GE Profinet,
    ---GE CRE311,
    ---GE VersaMax I/O.
    GE PAC8000,
    GE Motion Control: GE VersaMotion, GE DSM, GE PACMotion Controllers,
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    IC693ALG221Analog Input, Current, 4 Channels
    IC693ALG221CAConformal Coated Analog Input module, four point current.
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    IC693ALG222Analog Input, Voltage 16 Single/8 Differential Channels
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    IC693ALG223Analog Input, Current, 16 Single Channels
    IC693ALG223CAConformal Coated Analog Current Input module, 16 channel single ended/8 channel differential.
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    IC693ALG390Analog Output, Voltage, 2 Channels
    IC693ALG390LTAnalog Output, Voltage, 2 Channels  (LT)
    IC693ALG390RRAnalog Output, Voltage, 2 Channels
    IC693ALG391Analog Output, Current, 2 Channels
    IC693ALG391CAConformal Coat Analog Output module, two channel current.
    IC693ALG391LTAnalog Output, Current, 2 Channels  (LT)
    IC693ALG391RRAnalog Output, Current, 2 Channels
    IC693ALG392High Density Analog Output (8 Channels) voltage and current.
    IC693ALG392CAConformal Coated Analog Output module, eight channels voltage/current.
    IC693ALG392LTHigh Density Analog Output (8 Channels)  (LT)
    IC693ALG392RRHigh Density Analog Output, 8 Channels
    IC693ALG442Analog Combo Module 4IN/2OUT
    IC693ALG442CAConformal Coated Analog module, four in and two out.
    IC693ALG442LTAnalog Combo Module 4IN/2OUT  (LT)
    IC693ALG442RRAnalog Combo Module, 4In/2Out
    IC693APU300High Speed Counter (HSC)
    IC693APU300CAConformal Coated High Speed Counter
    IC693APU300LTHigh Speed Counter (HSC)  (LT)
    IC693APU300RRHigh Speed Counter (HSC)
    IC693APU3011-axis APM motion controller module
    IC693APU301RRAxis Positioning Module (APM), 1 Axis, requires (1) or (2) CBL311
    IC693APU3022-axis APM motion controller module
    IC693APU302RRAxis Positioning Module (APM), 2 Axis, requires (1) or (2) CBL311
    IC693APU305I/O Processor Module
    IC693APU305RRSpecial I/O Processor
    IC693BEM320I/O Link Interface Module (Slave)
    IC693BEM320RRI/O Link Interface Module
    IC693BEM321I/O Link Interface Module (Master)
    IC693BEM321RRI/O Link Interface Module (Master)
    IC693BEM331Genius Bus Controller (supports I/O and Datagrams)
    IC693BEM331CAConformal Coated Genius Bus Controller
    IC693BEM331LTGenius Bus Controller (supports I/O and Datagrams)  (LT)
    IC693BEM331RRGenius Bus Controller


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