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Allen Bradley 1756-BA1 Battery, for 1756 PLC Controller, Lithium

Allen Bradley 1756-BA1 Battery, for 1756 PLC Controller, Lithium

    • Allen Bradley 1756-BA1 Battery, for 1756 PLC Controller, Lithium
    • Allen Bradley 1756-BA1 Battery, for 1756 PLC Controller, Lithium
  • Allen Bradley 1756-BA1 Battery, for 1756 PLC Controller, Lithium

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: Japan
    Brand Name: Allen Bradley
    Model Number: 1756-BA1

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Packaging Details: Factory Seal
    Delivery Time: 0-3 days
    Payment Terms: T/T, PayPal, Western Union
    Supply Ability: 100 pcs/day
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    Detailed Product Description

    Allen Bradley 1756-BA1 Battery, for 1756 PLC Controller, Lithium



    Technical Attributes

              Item number :           1756-BA1
      Item number (concise) :    1756BA1
               Description :            ControlLogix FlexLogix Battery
                   Status :                Available in production
                    Style :                 A&S
               EAN / UPC :            10612598173775
              Material No. :            1756-BA1 A
                   Origin :                 Japan
                  Weight :                49.90 G
                  Material  :              Lithium
              Application :             for 1756 Series A Controllers
                  Family :                 ControlLogix



    Shipping Terms

               Lead time :               1 - 2 Days
                   Courier :               DHL  /  UPS  /  FedEx
       Courier Shipping time :    2 - 3 Days
                  Packing :               NEW in Original packing  /  Used in neutral packing



    Warranty Terms

                   NEW :                  Twelve Months (One year)
                   Used :                  Three Months




    Other related Information

    1756A13 1756-A13 ControlLogix 13 Slots Chassis 10612598129284
    1756A13K 1756-A13K ControlLogix 13 Slots Chassis 00885630569543
    1756A17 1756-A17 ControlLogix 17 Slots Chassis 10612598129291
    1756A17K 1756-A17K ControlLogix 17 Slots Chassis 00885630569550
    1756A4 1756-A4 ControlLogix 4 Slots Chassis 10612598129307
    1756A4K 1756-A4K ControlLogix 4 Slots Chassis 00885630569512
    1756A7 1756-A7 ControlLogix 7 Slots Chassis 10612598129314
    1756A7K 1756-A7K ControlLogix 7 Slots Chassis 00885630569529
    1756A7XT 1756-A7XT ControlLogix 7 Slots XT Chassis 10885630158515
    1756BA1 1756-BA1 ControlLogix FlexLogix Battery 1.06126E+13
    1756BA2 1756-BA2 ControlLogix L6X Ser B ONLY Battery Assy 10612598322159
    1756BATA 1756-BATA Replacement Battery For 1756-BATM 10612598284754
    1756CFM 1756-CFM ControlLogix Config Flowmeter Module 10612598206695
    1756CJC 1756-CJC CJC Thermistors (Qty 2) 00885630899190
    1756CMS1B1 1756-CMS1B1 1756 Compute Module 00889508614939
    1756CMS1C1 1756-CMS1C1 1756 Compute Module 00889508614946
    1756CN2 1756-CN2 ControlLogix Communication Module 10612598324429
    1756CN2R 1756-CN2R ControlLogix Communication Module 10612598324436
    1756CN2RK 1756-CN2RK ControlLogix Communication Module 00885630594262
    1756CN2RXT 1756-CN2RXT ControlLogix Temp ControlNet Module 10612598554833
    1756CNB 1756-CNB ControlLogix Communication Module 10612598174079
    1756CNBK 1756-CNBK ControlLogix Communication Module 00889508895383
    1756CNBR 1756-CNBR ControlLogix Communication Module 10612598174086
    1756CNBRK 1756-CNBRK ControlLogix Communication Module 00885630734415
    1756CP3 1756-CP3 Logix Family RS232 Programmer Cable 10612598173782
    1756CPR2 1756-CPR2 ControlLogix Redundant Supply Cable 10612598307675
    1756CPR2D 1756-CPR2D ControlLogix Redundant Supply Cable Down 00887172517556
    1756CPR2U 1756-CPR2U ControlLogix Redundant Supply Cable Up 00887172517549
    1756DHRIO 1756-DHRIO ControlLogix DH Plus/RIO Comms Module 10612598138361
    1756DHRIOK 1756-DHRIOK ControlLogix DH Plus/RIO Comms Module 00889508895437
    1756DNB 1756-DNB ControlLogix DeviceNet Comms Module 10612598174093
    1756DNBK 1756-DNBK ControlLogix DeviceNet Comms Module 00889508895482
    1756EN2F 1756-EN2F ControlLogix Enet/IP Fiber Optic Module 10612598344717
    1756EN2T 1756-EN2T CLX HI-CAP ENET/IP MODULE - TP 10612598329103
    1756EN2TK 1756-EN2TK CLX HI-CAP ENET/IP MODULE - TP 00885630734439
    1756EN2TP 1756-EN2TP ControlLogix PRP EtherNet/IP Module 00889508409290
    1756EN2TPK 1756-EN2TPK ControlLogix PRP EtherNet/IP Module - CC 00889508409368
    1756EN2TPXT 1756-EN2TPXT ControlLogix PRP EtherNet/IP Module - XT 00889508409375
    1756EN2TR 1756-EN2TR 2-PORT CLX HI-CAP ENET/IP MODULE - TP 10612598547736
    1756EN2TRK 1756-EN2TRK 2 PORT CLX HI-CAP ENET/IP MODULE - TP 00887172414886
    1756EN2TRXT 1756-EN2TRXT ControlLogix XT Dual Port EtherNet/IP Mo 00884951963931
    1756EN2TSC 1756-EN2TSC EtherNet/IP Hi Prof Sngl Port VPN Bridge 00884951963955
    1756EN2TXT 1756-EN2TXT CLX ENET/IP MODULE - TP, X-ENVT 10612598554826
    1756EN3TR 1756-EN3TR ControlLogix Ethernet Motion Module 10612598849090
    1756EN3TRK 1756-EN3TRK ControlLogix Ethernet Motion Module 00191326390538
    1756EN4TR 1756-EN4TR CLX EtherNet/IP with CIP Security 00889508721071
    1756EN4TRK 1756-EN4TRK CLX EtherNet/IP with CIP Security 00889508721118
    1756EN4TRXT 1756-EN4TRXT CLX EtherNet/IP with CIP Security 00889508721279
    1756ENBT 1756-ENBT ControlLogix Enet/IP Comms Module 10612598269485
    1756ENBTK 1756-ENBTK ControlLogix Communication Module 00885630734422
    1756ESMCAP 1756-ESMCAP ControlLogix Energy Storage Module-CAP 10612598876089
    1756ESMCAPK 1756-ESMCAPK ControlLogix Energy Storage Module CAP 00885630734385
    1756ESMCAPXT 1756-ESMCAPXT L7XT Energy Storage Module-Capacitor 10885630102143
    1756ESMNRMK 1756-ESMNRMK ControlLogix Energy Storage Module NRM 00885630734408
    1756ESMNRMXT 1756-ESMNRMXT L7XT Energy Storage Module-Non Remove 10885630102150
    1756ESMNSE 1756-ESMNSE ControlLogix Energy Storage Module NSE 10612598876072
    1756ESMNSEK 1756-ESMNSEK ControlLogix Energy Storage Module NSE 00885630734392
    1756ESMNSEXT 1756-ESMNSEXT L7XT Energy Storage Module-No Energy 10885630102136
    1756EWEB 1756-EWEB ControlLogix ENET/IP Web Server Module 10612598306609
    1756EWEBK 1756-EWEBK ControlLogix ENET IP Web Server Module 00889508895826
    1756HIST2G 1756-HIST2G Historian ME 2 Gig in ControlLogix Rack 10612598903167
    1756HSC 1756-HSC ControlLogix High Speed Counter Module 10612598186287
    1756HYD02 1756-HYD02 ControlLogix Hydraulic Servo Module 10612598300515
    1756HYD02K 1756-HYD02K ControlLogix Hydraulic Servo Module 00191326331333




    We Could Supply FULL RANGE Of Allen-Bradley.
    PLC:  MicroLogix, ControlLogix,CompactLogix,ProcessLogix,GuardLogix,SLC500,GuardPLC,Flex I/O, PLC-5.
    I/O:    MicroLogix I/O,ControlLogix I/O,Compact I/O,SLC I/O,Point I/O,ArmorPOINT I/O,ArmorBlock MaXum I/O.
    HMI:  PanelViem Standard, PanelView Plus, VersaView.
    Inverter:  PowerFlex 4 Series, PowerFlex 7 Series, 1336/1305 Series, PowerFlex DC.
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