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Allen Bradley 1756-IF16 module, I/O, 16 Channel, Warranty one year

Allen Bradley 1756-IF16 module, I/O, 16 Channel, Warranty one year

Allen Bradley 1756-IF16 module, I/O, 16 Channel, Warranty one year

Product Details:

Place of Origin: USA
Brand Name: Allen Bradley
Model Number: 1756-IF16

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Packaging Details: Factory Seal
Delivery Time: 0-3 days
Payment Terms: T/T, PayPal, Western Union
Supply Ability: 100 pcs/day
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Detailed Product Description

Allen Bradley 1756-IF16 module, I/O, 16 Channel, Warranty one year



Technical Attributes

          Item number :           1756-IF16
  Item number (concise) :    1756IF16
           Description :            ControlLogix 16 Pt A/I Module
               Status :                Available in Production
                Style :                 A&S
           EAN / UPC :            10612598171788
          Material No. :            1756-IF16 A
               Origin :                 USA
              Weight :                0.327 KG
            Mounting  :              Chassis
          Parameters :             Analog Input, 16 Channel
              Family :                 ControlLogix



Shipping Terms

           Lead time :               1 - 2 Days
               Courier :               DHL  /  UPS  /  FedEx
   Courier Shipping time :    2 - 3 Days
              Packing :               NEW in Original packing  /  Used in neutral packing



Warranty Terms

               NEW :                  Twelve Months (One year)
               Used :                  Three Months




Other related Information

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9519-FTPSVALP 9519FTPSVALP 10885630214754 FT Pharma Suite Validation Package
855TC-B24L5L6L4W1 855TCB24L5L6L4W1 10885630232741 Configured Stack Light Signaling Device
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190S-BNEJ2-CC16C-KN 190SBNEJ2CC16CKN 10885630232888 10-16 A Compact Comb Starter W/Ckt-Bkr
190S-CNEJ2-CC16C-KN 190SCNEJ2CC16CKN 10885630232895 10-16 A Compact Comb Starter W/Ckt-Bkr
855EV-G24Y3Y4Y8 855EVG24Y3Y4Y8 10885630233182 Configured Stack Light Signaling Device
855TP-G24L8 855TPG24L8 10885630233199 Configured Stack Light Signaling Device
20-750-BUS4-F8 20750BUS4F8 00884951226494 PF755 FR8,IP00,AC IN,DC BUS TERMINATION
20-750-MNT2-F8 20750MNT2F8 00884951226500 PF755 FR8,IP00,PANEL MOUNTING KIT
20-750-MNT3-F8 20750MNT3F8 00884951226517 PF755 FR8,IP00,FLOOR MOUNTING KIT
20-750-DUCT2-F8 20750DUCT2F8 00884951226524 PF750,FR8,DUCT,INNER,TOP,CABINET
20BC011A3AYYADC0 20BC011A3AYYADC0 00820919455629 PowerFlex 700 AC Drive 20B
872C-DH8NP18-E10 872CDH8NP18E10 10662072874735 18 mm Barrel Inductive Prox Sensor
889N-F12AFNV-1 889NF12AFNV1 10611320733461 889 Patchcords and Cordsets
889N-F12AFNV-2 889NF12AFNV2 10611320733485 889 Patchcords and Cordsets
440T-MSBSE35AA 440TMSBSE35AA 10885630233663 Trapped Key Interlock
20-750-PUB-IN1-ZH 20750PUBIN1ZH 00884951292956 PF750, INSTALLATION MANUAL, CHINESE
20-750-PUB-IN1-EN 20750PUBIN1EN 00884951292970 PowerFlex 750 Series Install Publication
1788-FBJB4R 1788FBJB4R 10885630233373 1788 Redundant FF 4 Way Junction Box
440E-A13231 440EA13231 10885630225682 Super Lube Grease 10 tubes
SK-R1-EMCFLT2-F8 SKR1EMCFLT2F8 00884951296343 PF750,FR8,KIT,EMC FILTER BOARD,400/690V
SK-R1-CNVIFB2-F8 SKR1CNVIFB2F8 00884951296350 PF750,FR8,Kit,Current Sensor,400/690V
20-750-DUCT4-F8 20750DUCT4F8 00884951226548 PowerFlex 750 Bottom Inlet Duct Kit
20-750-LBRKT1 20750LBRKT1 00884951300484 PowerFlex 750 Kit, Cabinet, L Bus Bar
SK-R1-FAN4-F8 SKR1FAN4F8 00886739965236 PowerFlex 750 Kit,IP54 Blower Assembly
20-750-I2B-E510F500 20750I2BE510F500 00884951295896 PowerFlex 750 Replacement Inverter
20-750-I2B-E460F460 20750I2BE460F460 00884951295162 PowerFlex 750 Replacement Inverter
20-750-I2B-E435F415 20750I2BE435F415 00884951295155 PowerFlex 750 Replacement Inverter
20-750-I2B-E395F370 20750I2BE395F370 00884951295148 PowerFlex 750 Replacement Inverter
20-750-I2B-E355F330 20750I2BE355F330 00884951295131 PowerFlex 750 Replacement Inverter
20-750-I2B-E295F265 20750I2BE295F265 00884951295124 PowerFlex 750 Replacement Inverter
440T-ASCBE14TB 440TASCBE14TB 10781180829465 Code Barrel Trapped Key Interlock
440T-ASCBE14UB 440TASCBE14UB 10781180829472 Code Barrel Trapped Key Interlock
440T-MRKSE11AA 440TMRKSE11AA 10611320623854 Trapped Key Interlock
20AC2P1A0AYNNEG0 20AC2P1A0AYNNEG0 10885630234868 PowerFlex 70 AC Drive 20A
20AC5P0A0AYNNEG0 20AC5P0A0AYNNEG0 00884951283510 PowerFlex 70 AC Drive 5 A at 2.2 kW 20A
20AC8P7A0AYNNEG0 20AC8P7A0AYNNEG0 00884951283527 PowerFlex 70 AC Drive 8.7 A at 4 kW 20A
889N-F10AF-9 889NF10AF9 10611320829782 889 Mini Cable
889N-F10AF-4 889NF10AF4 10611320829768 889 Mini Cable
889N-F10AF-6 889NF10AF6 10611320829775 889 Mini Cable
190S-ANEJ1-CB16C 190SANEJ1CB16C 10612598816498 1.0-1.6 A Compact Comb Starter W/Ckt-Bkr
2080-IQ4 2080IQ4 10885630234899 Micro800 4 Point IEC Digital Input
2080-OB4 2080OB4 10885630234905 Micro800 4 Point Source Output
2080-OV4 2080OV4 10885630234912 Micro800 4 Point Sink Output
2080-OW4I 2080OW4I 10885630234929 Micro800 4 Point Relay Output
2080-IQ4OB4 2080IQ4OB4 10885630234936 Micro800 8 Point Digital Combo (Source)
2080-IQ4OV4 2080IQ4OV4 10885630234943 Micro800 8 Point Digital Combo (Sink)
800TC-H31A4 800TCH31A4 10885630235544 30mm Selector Switch 800T PB
440F-M1928CYNN 440FM1928CYNN 10885630235575 Safety Mats Guardmaster
440F-EANQV02870 440FEANQV02870 10885630235582 Safedge Guardmaster
440F-EEFSV00875 440FEEFSV00875 10885630235728 Safedge Guardmaster
889M-U12AH-2 889MU12AH2 10885630235261 889 M23 Cable
140U-PB 140UPB 10885630243280 Circuit-Breaker Accessory
140U-PY 140UPY 10885630243297 Circuit-Breaker Accessory
190-PB 190PB 10885630243303 Circuit-Breaker Disconnect Accessory
190-PY 190PY 10885630243310 Circuit-Breaker Disconnect Accessory
194R-PB 194RPB 10885630243327 194R 30-60 A Disconnect Switch Handle
194R-PY 194RPY 10885630243334 194R 30-60 A Disconnect Switch Handle
194R-PBT 194RPBT 10885630243341 194R UP To 60A Disconnect Switch Handle
194R-PYT 194RPYT 10885630243358 194R 30-60 A Disconnect Switch Handle
194R-S1 194RS1 10885630243365 194R Standard Length Operating Shaft
194R-S2 194RS2 10885630243372 194R Extended Length Operating Shaft
194R-N1 194RN1 10885630243389 194R Internal Operating Handle
194R-N2 194RN2 10885630243396 194R Internal Operating Handle
L11-S1 L11S1 10885630243457 Shaft 12"
L11-S2 L11S2 10885630243464 Shaft 21"
800T-J91KB7A 800TJ91KB7A 10885630236084 30mm Selector Switch 800T PB
854K-24BF3 854K24BF3 10885630031399 60 mm Multi Flash LED Green Light Mod.
854K-24BF4 854K24BF4 10885630031405 60 mm Multi Flash LED Red Light Mod.
854K-24BF5 854K24BF5 10885630031412 60 mm Multi Flash LED Amber Light Mod.
854K-24BF6 854K24BF6 10885630031429 60 mm Multi Flash LED Blue Light Mod.
854K-24BF7 854K24BF7 10885630031436 60 mm Multi Flash LED Clear Light Mod.
854K-24BF8 854K24BF8 10885630031443 60 mm Multi Flash LED Yellow Light Mod.
854K-ABCAP 854KABCAP 10885630031818 Control Tower 854K 60mm Black Cap
854J-ABCAP 854JABCAP 10885630030965 Control Tower 854J 40mm Black Cap
440F-EBGIU00406 440FEBGIU00406 10885630237395 Safedge Guardmaster
440F-EBGDU00406 440FEBGDU00406 10885630237401 Safedge Guardmaster
1609-B600N 1609B600N 10885630227266 AC to AC UPS 360W Power Supply
1609-B600E 1609B600E 10885630227280 Uniterruptible Power Supply
MPF-A310P-SJ72BA MPFA310PSJ72BA 00820919984754 MP-Series MPF 240V AC Rotary Servo Motor
MPF-A310P-SJ74BA MPFA310PSJ74BA 00820919984761 MP-Series MPF 240V AC Rotary Servo Motor
440F-M0536AYNN 440FM0536AYNN 10885630237432 Safety Mats Guardmaster
MPF-A320H-MJ72BA MPFA320HMJ72BA 00820919984778 MP-Series MPF 240V AC Rotary Servo Motor
1420-V1 1420V1 10885630236503 Powermonitor 500 Power Meter Indicator
1420-V1P 1420V1P 10885630236510 Powermonitor 500 Power Meter
MPF-A320H-MJ74BA MPFA320HMJ74BA 00820919984785 MP-Series MPF 240V AC Rotary Servo Motor
1420-V1A 1420V1A 10885630236527 Powermonitor 500 Power Meter
1420-V1-ENT 1420V1ENT 10885630236534 Powermonitor 500 Ethernetip Power Meter



We Could Supply FULL RANGE Of Allen-Bradley.
PLC:  MicroLogix, ControlLogix,CompactLogix,ProcessLogix,GuardLogix,SLC500,GuardPLC,Flex I/O, PLC-5.
I/O:    MicroLogix I/O,ControlLogix I/O,Compact I/O,SLC I/O,Point I/O,ArmorPOINT I/O,ArmorBlock MaXum I/O.
HMI:  PanelViem Standard, PanelView Plus, VersaView.
Inverter:  PowerFlex 4 Series, PowerFlex 7 Series, 1336/1305 Series, PowerFlex DC.
If Don't find the Allen Bradley part what you are looking for, please contact us for a quote by Skype / Email.
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