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Allen-Bradley 1747-L532 SLC 5/03 16K Controller

Allen-Bradley 1747-L532 SLC 5/03 16K Controller

    • Allen-Bradley 1747-L532 SLC 5/03 16K Controller
    • Allen-Bradley 1747-L532 SLC 5/03 16K Controller
  • Allen-Bradley 1747-L532 SLC 5/03 16K Controller

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: Korea
    Brand Name: Allen Bradley
    Model Number: 1747-L532

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Packaging Details: Factory Seal
    Delivery Time: 0-3 days
    Payment Terms: T/T, PayPal, Western Union
    Supply Ability: 1000 pcs/day
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    Detailed Product Description

    Product Description

    SLC 5/03 16K Controller

    Product Specification/Models

    Other Information

    1747-ACN15 1747ACN15
    1747-ACNR15 1747ACNR15
    1747-AENTR 1747AENTR
    1747-AIC 1747AIC
    1747-ASB 1747ASB
    1747-BA 1747BA
    1747-BAJMPR 1747BAJMPR
    1747-BSN 1747BSN
    1747-C10 1747C10
    1747-C11 1747C11
    1747-C13 1747C13
    1747-C20 1747C20
    1747-CP3 1747CP3
    1747-DCM 1747DCM
    1747-DEMO-7 1747DEMO7
    1747-DPS1 1747DPS1
    1747-DPS2 1747DPS2
    1747-DU501 1747DU501
    1747-FC 1747FC
    1747-KE 1747KE
    1747-KFC15 1747KFC15
    1747-KY1 1747KY1
    1747-L511 1747L511
    1747-L514 1747L514
    1747-L524 1747L524
    1747-L531 1747L531
    1747-L532 1747L532
    1747-L533 1747L533
    1747-L541 1747L541
    1747-L543 1747L543
    1747-L551 1747L551
    1747-L552 1747L552
    1747-L553 1747L553
    1747-M1 1747M1
    1747-M13 1747M13
    1747-M15 1747M15
    1747-M2 1747M2
    1747-M3 1747M3
    1747-NP1 1747NP1
    1747-OS302 1747OS302
    1747-OS401 1747OS401
    1747-PBASE 1747PBASE
    1747-PIC 1747PIC
    1747-PSD 1747PSD
    1747-RL302 1747RL302
    1747-RL401 1747RL401
    1747-RL501 1747RL501
    1747-SCNR 1747SCNR
    1747-SDN 1747SDN
    1747-SN 1747SN
    1747-UIC 1747UIC
    1747-UICC13 1747UICC13
    1747-WINBAS 1747WINBAS
    1751-SL4SP 1751SL4SP
    1751-SLBA 1751SLBA
    1751-SLBP 1751SLBP
    1752-L24BBB 1752L24BBB
    1752-L24BBBE 1752L24BBBE
    1753-HHT 1753HHT
    1753-IB16 1753IB16
    1753-IB16XOB8 1753IB16XOB8
    1753-IB20XOB8 1753IB20XOB8
    1753-IB8XOB8 1753IB8XOB8
    1753-IF8XOF4 1753IF8XOF4
    1753-L28BBBM 1753L28BBBM
    1753-L28BBBP 1753L28BBBP
    1753-L32BBBM-8A 1753L32BBBM8A
    1753-L32BBBP-8A 1753L32BBBP8A
    1753-OB16 1753OB16
    1753-OPC 1753OPC
    1753-OW8 1753OW8
    1753-PCS-PAR 1753PCSPAR
    1753-PCS-USB 1753PCSUSB
    1754-BAT 1754BAT
    1755-BAT 1755BAT
    1755-IF8 1755IF8
    1756-A10 1756A10
    1756-A13 1756A13
    1756-A17 1756A17
    1756-A4 1756A4
    1756-A4LXT 1756A4LXT
    1756-A5XT 1756A5XT
    1756-A7 1756A7
    1756-A7LXT 1756A7LXT
    1756-A7XT 1756A7XT
    1756-BA1 1756BA1
    1756-BA2 1756BA2
    1756-BATA 1756BATA
    1756-BATM 1756BATM
    1756-CFM 1756CFM
    1756-CN2 1756CN2
    1756-CN2R 1756CN2R
    1756-CN2RXT 1756CN2RXT
    1756-CNB 1756CNB
    1756-CNBR 1756CNBR
    1756-CP3 1756CP3
    1756-CPR2 1756CPR2
    1756-DH485 1756DH485
    1756-DHRIO 1756DHRIO
    1756-DMA31 1756DMA31
    1756-DMCF003 1756DMCF003
    1756-DMD30 1756DMD30
    1756-DMD30K 1756DMD30K
    1756-DMF30 1756DMF30
    1756-DMF30K 1756DMF30K
    1756-DNB 1756DNB
    1756-EN2F 1756EN2F
    1756-EN2T 1756EN2T
    1756-EN2TR 1756EN2TR
    1756-EN2TRXT 1756EN2TRXT
    1756-EN2TSC 1756EN2TSC
    1756-EN2TXT 1756EN2TXT
    1756-EN3TR 1756EN3TR
    1756-ENBT 1756ENBT
    1756-ESMNRM 1756ESMNRM
    1756-ESMNSE 1756ESMNSE
    1756-EWEB 1756EWEB
    1756-EXT 1756EXT
    1756-HIST1G 1756HIST1G
    1756-HIST2G 1756HIST2G
    1756-HSC 1756HSC
    1756-HYD02 1756HYD02
    1756-IA16 1756IA16
    1756-IA16I 1756IA16I
    1756-IA32 1756IA32
    1756-IA8D 1756IA8D
    1756-IB16 1756IB16
    1756-IB16D 1756IB16D
    1756-IB16I 1756IB16I
    1756-IB16IF 1756IB16IF
    1756-IB16ISOE 1756IB16ISOE
    1756-IB32 1756IB32
    1756-IC16 1756IC16
    1756-IF16 1756IF16
    1756-IF16H 1756IF16H
    1756-IF4FXOF2F 1756IF4FXOF2F
    1756-IF6CIS 1756IF6CIS
    1756-IF6I 1756IF6I
    1756-IF8 1756IF8
    1756-IF8H 1756IF8H
    1756-IG16 1756IG16
    1756-IH16I 1756IH16I
    1756-IH16ISOE 1756IH16ISOE
    1756-IM16I 1756IM16I
    1756-IR6I 1756IR6I
    1756-IT6I 1756IT6I
    1756-IT6I2 1756IT6I2
    1756-IV16 1756IV16
    1756-IV32 1756IV32
    1756-JMPR 1756JMPR
    1756-L60M03SE 1756L60M03SE
    1756-L61 1756L61
    1756-L61RMCN1 1756L61RMCN1
    1756-L61RMEN1 1756L61RMEN1
    1756-L61S 1756L61S
    1756-L62 1756L62
    1756-L62S 1756L62S
    1756-L63 1756L63
    1756-L63S 1756L63S
    1756-L63XT 1756L63XT
    1756-L64 1756L64
    1756-L65 1756L65
    1756-L71 1756L71
    1756-L71S 1756L71S
    1756-L72 1756L72
    1756-L72S 1756L72S
    1756-L73 1756L73
    1756-L73S 1756L73S
    1756-L73SXT 1756L73SXT
    1756-L73XT 1756L73XT
    1756-L7SP 1756L7SP
    1756-L7SPXT 1756L7SPXT
    1756-LSC8XIB8I 1756LSC8XIB8I
    1756-LSP 1756LSP
    1756-M02AE 1756M02AE
    1756-M02AS 1756M02AS
    1756-M03SE 1756M03SE
    1756-M08SE 1756M08SE
    1756-M08SEG 1756M08SEG
    1756-M16SE 1756M16SE
    1756-N2 1756N2
    1756-N2XT 1756N2XT
    1756-OA16 1756OA16
    1756-OA16I 1756OA16I
    1756-OA8 1756OA8
    1756-OA8D 1756OA8D
    1756-OA8E 1756OA8E
    1756-OB16D 1756OB16D
    1756-OB16E 1756OB16E
    1756-OB16I 1756OB16I
    1756-OB16IEF 1756OB16IEF
    1756-OB16IEFS 1756OB16IEFS
    1756-OB16IS 1756OB16IS
    1756-OB32 1756OB32
    1756-OB8 1756OB8
    1756-OB8EI 1756OB8EI
    1756-OB8I 1756OB8I
    1756-OC8 1756OC8
    1756-OF4 1756OF4
    1756-OF6CI 1756OF6CI
    1756-OF6VI 1756OF6VI
    1756-OF8 1756OF8
    1756-OF8H 1756OF8H
    1756-OG16 1756OG16
    1756-OH8I 1756OH8I
    1756-ON8 1756ON8
    1756-OV16E 1756OV16E
    1756-OV32E 1756OV32E
    1756-OW16I 1756OW16I
    1756-OX8I 1756OX8I
    1756-PA72 1756PA72
    1756-PA75 1756PA75
    1756-PA75R 1756PA75R
    1756-PAR2 1756PAR2
    1756-PAXT 1756PAXT
    1756-PB72 1756PB72
    1756-PB75 1756PB75
    1756-PB75R 1756PB75R
    1756-PBR2 1756PBR2
    1756-PBXT 1756PBXT
    1756-PC75 1756PC75
    1756-PH75 1756PH75
    1756-PLS 1756PLS
    1756-PSCA2 1756PSCA2
    1756-RIO 1756RIO
    1756-RM 1756RM
    1756-RM2 1756RM2
    1756-RM2XT 1756RM2XT
    1756-RMC1 1756RMC1
    1756-RMC10 1756RMC10
    1756-RMC3 1756RMC3
    1756-RMXT 1756RMXT
    1756-SYNCH 1756SYNCH
    1756-TBCH 1756TBCH
    1756-TBE 1756TBE
    1756-TBNH 1756TBNH
    1756-TBS6H 1756TBS6H
    1756-TBSH 1756TBSH
    1756-TC15 1756TC15
    1757-FFLD2 1757FFLD2
    1757-FFLD4 1757FFLD4
    1757-FFLDC2 1757FFLDC2
    1757-FFLDC4 1757FFLDC4
    1757-FIM 1757FIM
    1757-FIMC5 1757FIMC5
    1757-FIMRTP 1757FIMRTP
    1757-PE1400RED2 1757PE1400RED2
    1757-PE1600RED1 1757PE1600RED1
    1757-PE1600RED2 1757PE1600RED2
    1757-PE1800RED1 1757PE1800RED1
    1757-PE1800RED2 1757PE1800RED2
    1757-PIM 1757PIM
    1757-PLX52 1757PLX52
    1757-PLXBAT 1757PLXBAT
    1757-PLXC 1757PLXC
    1757-PLXCGX200 1757PLXCGX200
    1757-PLXCPE1400 1757PLXCPE1400
    1757-PLXCPE1600 1757PLXCPE1600
    1757-PLXCPE1800 1757PLXCPE1800
    1757-SRC1 1757SRC1
    1757-SRC100 1757SRC100
    1757-SRC3 1757SRC3
    1757-SRC50 1757SRC50
    1758-FLO301 1758FLO301
    1758-FLO302 1758FLO302
    1758-RTU201 1758RTU201
    1758-RTU202 1758RTU202
    1760-CBL-2M 1760CBL2M
    1760-CBL-5M 1760CBL5M
    1760-CBL-INT01 1760CBLINT01
    1760-CBL-INT03 1760CBLINT03
    1760-CBL-INT05 1760CBLINT05
    1760-CBL-INT300 1760CBLINT300
    1760-CBL-PC02 1760CBLPC02
    1760-CBL-PM02 1760CBLPM02
    1760-CONN-RJ45 1760CONNRJ45
    1760-DNET 1760DNET
    1760-DU 1760DU
    1760-DUB 1760DUB
    1760-IA12XOW4I 1760IA12XOW4I
    1760-IA12XOW6I 1760IA12XOW6I
    1760-IB12XOB4IF 1760IB12XOB4IF
    1760-IB12XOB4IOF 1760IB12XOB4IOF
    1760-IB12XOB8 1760IB12XOB8
    1760-IB12XOW4IF 1760IB12XOW4IF
    1760-IB12XOW4IOF 1760IB12XOW4IOF
    1760-IB12XOW6I 1760IB12XOW6I
    1760-L12AWA 1760L12AWA
    1760-L12AWA-NC 1760L12AWANC
    1760-L12AWA-ND 1760L12AWAND
    1760-L12BBB 1760L12BBB
    1760-L12BBB-ND 1760L12BBBND
    1760-L12BWB 1760L12BWB
    1760-L12BWB-NC 1760L12BWBNC
    1760-L12BWB-ND 1760L12BWBND
    1760-L12DWD 1760L12DWD
    1760-L12DWD-ND 1760L12DWDND
    1760-L12NWN 1760L12NWN
    1760-L12NWN-ND 1760L12NWNND
    1760-L18AWA-EX 1760L18AWAEX
    1760-L18AWA-EXND 1760L18AWAEXND
    1760-L18BWB-EX 1760L18BWBEX
    1760-L18BWB-EXND 1760L18BWBEXND
    1760-L18DWD-EX 1760L18DWDEX
    1760-L18DWD-EXND 1760L18DWDEXND
    We could SUPPLY FULL RANGE of Allen-Bradley.
    PLC: MicroLogix, ControlLogix,CompactLogix,ProcessLogix,GuardLogix,SLC500,GuardPLC,Flex I/O, PLC-5
    I/O:  MicroLogix I/O,ControlLogix I/O,Compact I/O,SLC I/O,Point I/O,ArmorPOINT I/O,ArmorBlock MaXum I/O,
    HMI: PanelViem Standard, PanelView Plus, VersaView,
    Inverter: PowerFlex 4 Series, PowerFlex 7 Series, 1336/1305 Series, PowerFlex DC.
    If you find the SIEMENS part that you are looking for, pls Skype / Email us for a quote.
    If you have any questions, also pls Skype / Email us.


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